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On The Block On Demand 2-19

Brent opens the show talking SU basketball with a big game coming up Wednesday against Louisville. Later, he’s joined by Seth and Paulie for the Blindside.   LISTEN HERE

Jeff Greer “On The Block” 2-19

Brent is joined by Jeff Greer from The Athletic to talk about the Louisville Cardinals and their upcoming matchup with the Orange.   LISTEN HERE

The Sportszilla Show w/ Marlee Tuskes, Lucio Gonzaga, Gary Heenan & more!

On today’s show with KrockRain, Scoop (Richard Cowell) and Matt Page, they were joined by Marlee Tuskes in studio and they talked to Lucio Gonzaga from Utica City FC, Gary Heenan Coach of Utica College Pioneer Men’s Hockey, Juliana & Craig MacEwen, Cory Hergott from CanucksArmy and Alex Conn to talk MLB. Listen here!

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