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On The Block On Demand 5-11

Brent starts the show reflecting on a fascinating stretch of time for Syracuse Athletics as a whole. Then, he questions how stores are still selling certain candies (looking at you, yellow Starbursts and Necco Wafers) before talking NBA, MLB, and Medina Spirit on the Blindside. LISTEN HERE

Daniel Walcott “On The Block” 5-11

Tampa Bay Lightning Forward Daniel Walcott joins Brent to discuss his history-making start last night, why he relates so much to the city of Syracuse, and much more. LISTEN HERE

ESPN The Sportszilla Show 5-11-21

On today’s James Mitsubishi Podcast, Rain and Matt talk to Spencer Davidson from WKTV, Matthew Gutierrez from The Athletic and Alexandra Ackerman from Sin Bin News, plus more! Listen here!

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