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The best and brightest from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University give you the inside scoop from the Hill M-F 2-4pm!

Newhouse after Noon 2-15-24

Nico Horning & Max Gifford start the show discussing Syracuse men’s basketball’s big win over UNC before they’re joined by Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown. Then, Nathaniel Cunningham & Kiran Costa go back to the Orange’s upset win, how it happened, and what it could mean for the rest of the season.Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-14-24

Izzy Sy & Matt Lesnik begin today’s show analyzing Syracuse men’s basketball’s upset win over No. 7 North Carolina and looking ahead to the Orange’s upcoming schedule. Then, Madison Palumbo & Alex Poll discuss the Syracuse men’s lacrosse team’s hot stretch to start the season, focusing in on the win over Manhattan this past Friday.Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-13-24

Jacob Kaye, Michael Ostrowski, and Jackson Holzer start today’s Newhouse after Noon podcast discussing Damien Alford’s dismissal from the Syracuse football team and how things got so messy. Then, Dylan Beyer, Connor McGahan, and James Wildhack preview tonight’s Syracuse men’s basketball game against UNC and take a call from a listener in New Jersey about…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-12-24

Jacob Charnow & Shane Holcombe start today’s show looking at Syracuse women’s basketball’s win over Louisville, how the team pulled it off, and who the Orange’s leaders will be in the postseason and beyond. Then, Dan Shalam, Jazaleen Salinas, and Milo Hoffman recap the men’s basketball team’s loss to Clemson and debate who is to…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-9-24

Riley Underwood, Aylee Weiss, and Nicholas Waley start off the Friday edition of Newhouse after Noon talking men’s and women’s basketball with both teams coming off one-possession victories. Then, Paul McCoy, Jonathan Kinane, and Patrick Smith play the Syracuse Athletics “what-if” game where they wonder how things could have been different had certain players’ careers…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-8-24

Nico Horning & Max Gifford lead off Newhouse after Noon discussing something they learned about Syracuse men’s basketball last night which gives them a chance of making the NCAA Tournament. Then, Kiran Costa & Nathaniel Cunningham explain why they don’t believe the Orange can make March Madness, and debate what sort of reception Joe Girard…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-7-24

Matt Lesnik & Izzy Sy start their show discussing why they believe Syracuse men’s basketball will handle Louisville tonight after two straight losses, and pointing out some observations regarding the Syracuse women’s basketball team. Then, Alex Poll and Madison Palumbo preview Syracuse men’s lacrosse’s upcoming game against Manhattan.Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-6-24

Jacob Kaye, Michael Ostrowski, and Jackson Holzer start the show reacting to the news that Benny Williams is no longer a member of the Syracuse men’s basketball team, looking back on his career, and discussing how it impacts the ongoing season. Then, Dylan Beyer, Connor McGahan, and Jackson Holzer share what they believe to be…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-5-24

Jacob Charnow & Shane Holcombe start this week of Newhouse after Noon shows reacting to Syracuse men’s basketball’s 99-70 loss to Wake Forest and discussing what they believe to be the root of the problem. Then, Dan Shalam, Jazaleen Salinas, and Milo Hoffman talk Syracuse women’s basketball and whether or not Dyaisha Fair can carry…Continue Reading

Newhouse after Noon 2-2-24

Nicholas Waley, Aylee Weiss, and Riley Underwood begin today’s show previewing the Syracuse men’s lacrosse season and whether or not they believe this is the year that the team returns to postseason glory. Then, Paul McCoy and Richard Maj preview SU men’s basketball’s upcoming game against Wake Forest and touch on the Orange women’s basketball…Continue Reading

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