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The Sportszilla Show w/ Alicia Daddario, Spencer Davidson & Eileen O’Malley. 101418

Segment 1 – Intro WKTV’s Alicia Daddario & Spencer Davidson, Talk Utica Comets/Vancouver Canucks and New York Rangers. Segment 2 – Hockey talk continued. Segment 3 – Boston Celtics Strategic Media Coordinator Eileen O’Malley. Segment 4 – UFC/MMA conversation about Connor McGregor. Segment 5, 6 & 7 – Utica College Football & NFL. Segment 8…Continue Reading

The Sportszilla Show w/ Anthony Cittadino, Jack Perrin & Cory Hergott. 09/30/18

Segment 1 0:00 – 16:54.678 – Intro Anthony Cittadino, Discuss Syracuse loss to Clemson, UC Football’s loss to Cortland and Scoop and Rain talk about their experience at Clinton Arena for Hockeyville USA preseason between the Buffalo Sabres and Columbus Blue Jackets. Segment 2 & 3 16:54.679 – 37:24.953 – NFL Segment 4 37:24.954 –…Continue Reading

ESPN The Sportszilla Show w/ Paul Bruzzese, Seth Goldberg & Ben Birnell. 9/2/18

1st & 2ed Segment – Utica College and Syracuse Football victories recap, NFL Football, Welcome in Paul Bruzzese 3rd & 4th Segment – Seth Goldberg from ESPN Syracuse talks New York Yankees. 5th Segment – Ben Birnell from The Observer Dispatch and is the recipient of the American Hockey League’s James H. Ellery Memorial Award.…Continue Reading

The Sportszilla Show 081918

1st/2ed Segment – NBA, NFL Preseason and new rules ruining the game, Intro 3rd Segment – Mike McAllister, from 247 Sports, joins the program to talk Syracuse Football 4th Segment – Wrapping up the first hour with more Syracuse Football conversation. 5th Segment – Cory Hergott, from Canucks Army, joins to talk about his article…Continue Reading

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